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Human Element®

A powerful and in-depth experience in personal self awareness and responsibility regarding behaviors, feelings and self as they relate to the dynamics of work and interpersonal relations. Individual performance is enhanced and organizations are improved. The workshop serves as a personal development and leadership guide to create a work environment where self-determination and openness are the rule.

  • Training will be done by Master Human Element Trainers Rolanda Klapatch and Brian Warren and Licensed Human Element Practitioner Mariah Klapatch.
  • Held at our site in Maine or yours.
  • Fees for the session will vary according to the number of people registered from your organization.
  • Food and lodging is separate. PPI, if requested, will set up mutual lodging for companies who would like to lodge together.
  • For information on exact times, logistics and costs please write to Rolanda or call 1-207-592-3044

Radical Collaboration®

Customized one on one or small group conflict resolution done around specific issues. This is an off the shelf training. Many of the concepts are rooted in Human Element practices.

Coaching for Individual Employees and Leaders

One on one coaching for employees and leadership. Specific to the development areas needed. Coaching comes in a standard off the shelf package with extensions that are optional.

Emotional Intelligence

This workshop is based on the work of Daniel Goleman and Reuven Bar-On, Ph.D., and allows participants to develop the ability to read their own emotions and accurately assess their personality, to keep disruptive emotions under control and to be trustworthy, flexible, and optimistic, to empathize with others’ concerns, and to inspire, persuade, and resolve disagreements. A key piece of this workshop is administration of the EQI (BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory) which provides the participants with a personalized detailed report of their current state of emotional intelligence. The workshop is hands-on and experiential and provides the framework for further individual development.

Strategic Planning: The Balanced Scorecard

The state-of-the-art strategic planning methodology developed by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton with emphasis on execution of the strategy and developing a set of “true” strategic metrics with accompanying strategy map. This methodology enables an organization to implement and monitor systemically the strategy.

Advanced Leadership Development

Investment in the individual manager to develop self awareness, communication skills, conflict resolution, cutting edge management theory and practices, use of case study, problem solving, strategic planning and execution. This is a two day session with a set off the shelf price.

Organization Surveys

The General Organization Questionnaire (GOQ) is a comprehensive organizational assessment using a systems approach that provides invaluable information from five broad areas of unit climate, supervisory leadership, co-worker interaction, work group processes, and effects of people. There are twenty one different indices measured within these five broad areas providing a systems view of the organization. This is an off the shelf opportunity and fees range depending on the size of your organization.

Leadership Transition

A tailored one-day intervention designed to bring the new leader on board quickly with the greatest efficiency, learning, and comfort. The new leader acquires a clear picture of what the organization does and does not do well, identifies critical issues needing immediate attention, identifying the priority activities and events for the next 3-6 months, gain understanding in what employee expectations and concerns are including their needs and recommended changes, allowing employees to gain an understanding of the new leaders’ expectations and concerns, and providing the means to share the leadership philosophy and expectations of employees. This is a two-day session with one day follow up. It has standard off the shelf pricing.

Professional Interview Development and Candidate Assessment

PPI will work with you to find the very best candidate for the position you are filling. PPI will provide interview questions, sit in on interviews and make recommendations for hires.

Team Development

Team designed work sessions to develop characteristics of a high performance team. Off the shelf course for two days with one day follow up.

EQ & You

This workshop is based on the work of Kate Cannon, M.Ed. In this workshop participants will take the important first step in developing their emotional intelligence. They will learn about their EQ strengths and limitations and develop a plan to improve in the areas they select. In advance of the workshop, participants will complete the Bar-On EQ-i®, which is the first validated assessment of emotional intelligence. Their EQ-i® report provides feedback on their emotional intelligence in the general areas of intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, adaptability, stress management and general mood. There are 15 individual competencies in these five domains and they will receive a normative score for each. An aggregate report for the team or group is also available.


Mentoring is one of the greatest gifts one can give another. In this methodology PPI assumes the approach that mentor and mentoree are interchangeable and sets the field for deep learning in a collaborative spirit where each participant suspends judgment, remains present and open, and learns and grows as a result. This is a customized training and is on a daily rate.

Retreats — Individual and Team Development

Escape to our retreat (Olomasi Lodge) in the beautiful western Maine mountains or our coastal retreat in Camden, Maine, or we can also come to your site to provide sustainable team and individual development. Hands on and customized to your particular team building needs.

Implicit Career Search Workshops

The Implicit Career Search workshop is designed to help me decide on my career. More specifically, this workshop helps me decide what it is that I choose to contribute to my community. The power of this workshop is that the approach is inside-out, helping me find what my implicit career is (implicit meaning available but not apparent). Far too often I choose a career for some externally perceived reason that all too frequently ends with a deep feeling of dissatisfaction. This workshop allows me to find out what I am best suited to do because I choose to do it and “it’s me.” Call for details.


Hands-on problem solving for first line employees increasing efficiency, reducing costs and improving bottom line results for customer. Done on site with any work team.

Events and Conference Design and Delivery

Coordination of conference development, event design and execution, and displays in trade shows. Will take raw material and develop finished products.

Human Resource Management Audit

Assessment of Human Resource Design and provision of services. Will do in-depth audit. This is customized to the organization.

Quality and Continuous Improvement Implementation

Customized Principles and delivery of quality standards in products and services.

Basic and Advanced Communications

Hands-on communication training for the beginner and advanced learners. Extensive practice of numerous communication skill builders. For the individual and teams. Off the shelf two days with one day follow up.

Self Directed Work Teams

Skill development and knowledge to become Self Directed Work Teams and including how to ensure their success.

Analytical Quality Tools Training

Quality and planning tool training using Deming and other quality specialists.

Customer Service Training

Learning how to recognize customers service practices, eliminate negative ones and enhance positive ones. Specific training to sensitize employees and develop a customer friendly product and services.

Critical and Creative Thinking

Enhance your problem solving abilities with critical and creative thinking development. Individual and team work.

360 Feedback Reviews

Evaluate employees through their own eyes, the eyes of their peers and their supervisors as well as those they supervise. An extensive and detailed performance review instrument. Off the shelf.

Professional Jury Assessment

PPI will help your firm or organization make assessments on potential jurors. Including question development and appropriateness of the match for the optimum results.

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“Human Element is one of the best courses I have ever taken in my professional career. For me it was life changing. I would encourage anyone to take it.”
Government Leader

Human Element®
Open Session for Anyone
East Coast
October 3rd-6th, 2023

Human Element®
Open Session for Anyone
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November 6th-9th, 2023